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Animal Classifications ~kidport 

Animal Diversity Web ~ UM

Astronomy for Kids ~

Astronomy Picture of the Day! ~ NASA

BATS - an online quiz! ~ Berkeley University

Canadian Junior Rockhound ~ Excellent magazine

Cat Quiz! ~ Berkeley University

Cats - Facts and Trivia ~

Chemistry - Stain Removal Guide!  ~

Cool Science for Curious Kids ~ hhmi

Dogs ~

Dolphins! ~ from "Everything Dolphins"  

Endangered Animals

How Stuff Works

Inside the Human Body  

Inventors and Inventions

Mammals - 3 types - A to Z MIKIDS.COM

Mineral Matters ~ San Diego Natural History Museum

Monarch Butterflies and Migration

Museum of Science and Industry

My Virtual Encyclopedia ~ Science and Technology

NASA Homepage

National Wildlife Federation GAMES! *Interactive*

Nine Planets ~ A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

Pandas - Giant Pandas from the Smithsonian!


Poison Ivy Is it contagious? NO! It is a reaction to the plant's oil from inside you!

Science Explorer - cool experiments!

Simple Machines  MIKIDS.COM

Skeletons & Bones ~ The eSkeletons


Young Astronomers ~ Take the quiz! *Interactive*

Volcano World!

Water Cycle

Worms and more worms

The WHY? Files

Free Lesson Plan for Elementary Teachers

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